Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gravity Fx - Interview

Tonight I had the opportunity to interview tuxvix from Montana. Tuxvix is a producer of enduser entertainment and utility software for the open source community. Some of his products will make using easier and a bit more fun. He is driven by the OpenSource model and continues to support the ideas of free software.

Chris : What made you first get interesed in writing strictly open source code?

Tuxvix : Open Source Community, such as

Chris : Has it brought you prosperity? I see you've had some awards...

Tuxvix : ;) I love it, it is enoff for me that users thanking me for my projects. Donations are welcome always.

Chris : What kinds of projects are up and coming?

Tuxvix : Lots :) ComiX, WinXPatch and Rapid DeCoder most popular. Some upcoming projects that I am working on now is; ZawFix, ComixWire and dotTVz.

Chris : It looks like you've got a lot going for you and some talented people collaborating with you, do you need support from outside people like writers to help get the news out there that you've been working hard to make workable solutions to computing problems?

Tuxvix : Yes :D Please! Everyone is welcome to help.

Chris : Of the many projects you have worked on - which one is your favorite?

Tuxvix : It is hard to choose from them, cuz I've enjoyed programming all of them. But I would say ComiX :lol:

Chris : My sincere thanks for your time and efforts in talking / playing chess tonight.

Tuxvix : Thank You :)

Chris : Have a great week and I hope to see you around more often!

Tuxvix : Defenetly, I would like that. :D